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Perfection’s Pitfall Plays Part in Wildcats Woes, Wisconsin Wins

Perfection is a dirty word: It stigmatizes its owners; it collapses the wills of the not-strong-enough; it adds burdens where there need not be any. An unanswerable question to ponder is exactly how much did the pursuit of perfection stint this Kentucky Wildcats team, whose potentially historic namesake was only 2 games away from everlasting. […]

NCAA Tournament: Memorable Moments from the Past 5 Years

The NCAA Men’s Division-I Basketball tournament, commonly referred to as March Madness, is set to begin on Tuesday, March 17. Conference championships are in full swing, with mid-majors and elite conference teams all fighting for the opportunity to be one of the 68 teams selected to the tournament. Many of the smaller conferences will send […]